Historical Tourism

Throughout history, Cyprus has been the center of attraction, hosted civilizations of all times. So, it is possible to come across with the traces of history.  Venetian, Lusignan, Byzantine, Ottoman and British traces, and many more.North Cyprus shares the heritage of this history with the world citizens. Venetian walls surround cities Lefkoşa and Gazimağusa in North Cyprus. The castles with their entire splendor, the cathedrals where kings wore crowns, monasteries dedicated to saints spreading Christianity, tombs, dervish lodges, and neighborhoods with social housing,  are still being visited, still rule.

In North Cyprus where spectacular historical monuments which allowed Gothic architecture experience its peak, you may see, visit the  City of Salamis, a great masterpiece of  ancient periods; St.  Hilarion Castle created by Byzantines; Bellapais Monastery, a work of Lusignan Period; Ottoman Grand Han, and the works of the British era, and follow in the footsteps of those times.

City of Soli, Vouni Palace and St.Mamas Monastery in city of Güzelyurt/Lefke; Girne Castle, Belleapais Monastery and St.Hilarion Castle in city of Girne; Venetian walls, St.Sophia Cathedral,  Houses of Arabahmet and the Great Han in capital city Lefkoşa; Venecian Palace, Namik Kemal Dungeon and St.Nikolas Cathedral in Gazimagusa; the ancient city of Salamis, St.Barnabas Monastery,  Apostolos Andeas Monastery in İskele-Karpaz area are only a few heritages waiting for you.

Please note that the place where the port castle which inspired British writer William Shakespeare while he was writing the famous tragedy, Othello, is located in North Cyprus. Also, the St.Hilarion Castle was included in the subject of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ of Walt Disney, the famous creator of cartoon characters is located in North Cyprus as well with the night lightening shaped “Dinosaur”.

Come to meet traces of the historical heritage that witness a history of 10,000 years. The island’s first human trail begins in 8000 BC. Among the civilizations that left traces over the centuries since the Neolithic Period, you can see traces of the Phoenicians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Ptolomeans, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Louisianans, the Venetians, the Ottoman Empire, and British Administration.