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Kemerli Konak, is located in Zeytinlik Village, Kyrenia. It is the only luxurious boutique hotel of Cyprus, which represents the authentic Cypriot culture in its architecture. Kemerli Konak is only 15 minutes from the town centre of Kyrenia and is only 45 minutes drive from Ercan Airport. It is designed with high quality standarts and comfort, in order to meet diverse needs of our guests. Kemerli Konak has officially opened in the beginning of 2014, in order to offer a unique holiday experience to its guests. The name of the boutique hotel comes from the historic water arches that are located right next to the hotel. It’s unique design has been created by using traditional Cyprus architecture as a referance. All of the rooms have traditional Cypriot-style beds, wood carving dressers, flower-designed chests and many more pieces of furnitures that has the traits of centuries of Cypriot culture. You will find peace and comfort in this unique traditional boutique hotel that is surrounded by olive trees.

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Dereboyu str No: 7 Zeytinlik, Kyrenia

+90 392 815 63 36

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Kemerli Konak

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